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Bostonian memories

Who doesn’t know the so called “American dream”? Basically nowadays every teenager is dreaming about the United State of America as the land of opportunities and possibilities, hoping to chase and realize their dream ones there. Well at first it may sounds a little childish as a thought but I have to say it, going there I actually found mine and it’s called Boston.

Boston it’s the capital of Massachusetts and one of the main cities in the New England area. Unfortunately it’s not well known as Los Angeles or New York, but that doesn’t mean it’s less astonishing, and I’m going to prove it. First of all I’m going to be straightforward with you, if you like chaotic and noisy metropolis let me tell you that Boston isn’t the right place for you. It has an important historical background that goes way back to the first steps that led to the Declaration of Independence which created a sort of high profile society, who has never disappeared. Therefore Boston it’s a very refined and exquisite city, where culture and pleasure are combined together almost like in a symphony made by clashing notes. Furthermore some of the most prestigious colleges of the whole country are located in Boston such as MIT and Harvard, whose main campus is actually placed in the heart of the city itself. The arches, the galleries that characterized the main building in Harvard square, convey to the whole complex a sophisticated and European look. The true heart of the city though it’s Beacon hill, one of Boston’s most picturesque areas: with steep streets lined with federal-style and Vistorian brick row houses lighted by antique lanterns. 

For those who love lay down some grass instead, don’t miss the Boston Common and the Frog Pond , where you can go on a boat cruise in the summer or iceskating during winter. The gold-domed Massachusetts State House overlooks Boston Common.

Now for the shopaholics like me I strongly recommend to take a walk across Newberry street. Eight blocks filled with salons, boutiques, and fabulous dining. Boston’s Newbury Street has something for everyone. And if this is not enough you can always take a look at Copley Mall, an high fashion shopping center which is a destination in and of itself and provides a variety of unique experiences while you are on vacation. Here, you’ll find beautiful storefronts, architectural gems and a multitude of choices for “a little” retail therapy.img_2105Culturally speaking you have many options in fact you could visit the Boston Public Library (more than an ordinary library), it is one of the oldest of its kind in the United States. Established in 1848, this museum-like facility is housed inside an architecturally magnificent building that features beautiful sculptures, murals, mosaics and an expansive vaulted reading room. The Museum of Fine Arts is also something you can’t miss since it’s the fifth largest museum in the United States. You could also be delighted by the sounds that comes from many jazz club in Back Bay.

I also have to dispel the myth that American food is bad or unhealthy, because you can actually find a variety of good restaurants and pubs that will surprise you. In the Bostonian area some typical dishes are clam chowder and lobster (you should definitely try them out). But if you missed our incomparable Italian cuisine, you just have to do a couple of miles north from downtown in order to find an entire Italian DOC neighborhood, called North End.

And finally you must either ride a bike or take a walk along the Freedom Trail, which is a 2.5 mile red-brick trail trough Boston’s historic neighborhood that tells the story of the American Revolution. It ends at the neighborhood of Back bay, Boston’s port area, full of restaurants and amazing sights of the coast.

I could easily keep going but I would spoil too much about this incredible city to all the future visitors, who while are finishing reading my words are already checking the availability of the hotels in downtown Boston.

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  1. Lovely! My parents had a bit of wanderlust and lived all over the U.S. before settling down in one city. Boston and San Francisco were their top picks. Thanks for reading JOY Journal. I’ll be back to visit. 🙂

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